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Online Services
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Secretariat Services: 
  • enrolment
  • registration of courses for the semester
  • request for administrative documents (i.e. courses certificate)
Other Secretariat Services: 
- Online enrolment for the sport activities provided by the university
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Disability unit/access/diversity
Disability unit/access/diversity: 
ADI - Unidad Universitaria de Atención a la Diversidad

Edificio Xoana Capdevielle

1 R/ As Carballeiras Inside the building
A Coruña 
Phone+34981167000 - Ext. 5622/5623
Latitude: 43.334074
Longitude: -8.405901

How to apply: 
  • by going to the office
  • by phone (call)
  • by administrative inscription
  • by internet
Other ways to apply: 
Just e-mailing them
  • computers
  • software
  • printer
  • books in braille
Welcome Services: 
For People with Disabilities: 
Welcome Service Decription: 
Before the beginning of the academic year, the University contact all the students by e-mail including one section for students with disabilities where they can register if they wish a welcome service that includes some information.
All those students who fill the form, they have a welcome service where they get all the information such as the loaning of adapted devices, transport, personal assistance, adapted accommodation and so on. Also, they can have a tour around the different campuses of the University, and of course a welcome event for all the students.
Assistance Services: 
  • trained assistant
  • transport
Other Assistance Services: 
- Free loaning of adapted devices (they get all the devices they need for the course for free, they just have to give them back at the end of the course).
- Adapted transport and some bus passes for students with disabilities
- Adapted accommodation
Residence Info: 
There's a residence besides the main Campus of A Coruña named "Rialta".
There are five accessible rooms.

The students can get this room by contacting the residence:
- Name: Rialta
- Contact number: +34 981 17 95 00
- Website: [email protected]

They also have a residence in Ferrol, and the University provides some grant and assistant for students with disabilities. They can contact them by following this link:
Social Spots: 
Not Provided
Medical Services: 
Not Provided
No of buildings: