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Gymkhana of the senses - ESN Salamanca
We met in a park and did a gymkhana with different activities related to the senses.
BlindDinner ESN Salamanca
We met at our usual meeting point, a famous square and then, we all went to the restaurant. There, we blinded them before the food arrived, using masks that he had bought previously.
Movie Night by Esn Ioannina, "The Intouchables"
It was a chance for everyone who participated to share experiences and opinions about people with disabilities.
Quiz Night
First of all, we have booked a space in a pub where the quiz night would take place.
ESNers have met an hour before the meeting time and they started to prepare all needs
The main pictureof the event.
We thought that even eating in the dark is difficult all by itself, feeding someone else must be much more difficult than eating.
the World Diabetes Day 2017 campaign will promote the importance of affordable and equitable access to the essential diabetes medicines and technologies, self-management education.Today is world diab
speed date in the dark
ESNers arrived a half hour before the beginning of the event to prepare tables, talking to the café owners and cut the pieces of cloth.
Mapping Days
By using the mappED! app we made a map of our University. For example, if our university has an elevator, computers, sign language interpreters, welcome service and ramp e.t.
workshop of the senses
Three different workshops were held in relation to the different senses that the person has.
Granadown and ESN Granada and Cartagena
We were invited, ESN Granada and Cartagena, to join the activity that was taking place in Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, in Granada.