A group consisted of ExchangeAbility Ambassadors, university teachers/officials, former Erasmus students and other stakeholders will promote their home institution in terms of exchange programmes, stressing especially the opportunities and possibilities for the mobility of students with disabilities at their home university and city. The visits will be combined with the preparation of an awareness raising campaign on the needs of young persons with disabilities and their inclusion in the EHEA mobility flows.

During each of the visits audiovisual material will be recorded in order to compile an eye-catching video summarising the whole project and providing information on the accesibility of each university and on the obstacles disabled students may encounter while studying in a particular city. As one of the outputs a blog connected to the social media will be created to collect the experiences of the ExchangeAbility Ambassadors after their stay abroad.

Through participation and involvement in the different stages, students with disabilities will have the opportunity to experience the international and intercultural atmosphere associated with the exchange programmes, and to become ‘ExchangeAbility Ambassadors’ at their local environment and among their peers.

Working Group Composition

Hosting Working Group

  • students with different types of disabilities (ExchangeAbility Ambassadors)
  • 2 university officers
  • 2 ESN students local section
  • 2-3 stakeholders

Visiting Working Group

  • 3 students with different types of disabilities ‘ExchangeAbility Ambassadors’
  • 1 university officer
  • 1 ESN student local section
  • 1 UNICA representative
  • 1 ESN international coordinator
  • 1 Stakeholder representative
  • 2 Students of Audiovisual Arts from Erasmushogeschool

The site visits are the perfect ground for brainstorming, exchanging good practicies and promoting the project. The synergy of the two working groups will enhance the guidelines and outcomes from the project.

Hosting Visiting Date
Bratislava Tallinn 31st January to 1st February
Brussels Nicosia 15th February to 16th February
Budapest Bratislava 24th March to 25th March
Nicosia Budapest 7th April to 8th April
Tallinn Brussels 5th May to 6th May

To find more information about each site visit, take a look at the dedicated pages: