Aim of the event: 
  • Raise Awareness
Goal of the event: 
Our main goal was to organize an ExchangeAbility event, when the students can get to know one kind of disability, and raise the awareness about this topic. Besides this, the event was also a charity event.
Short description of the event: 
Before the movie our local ExchangeAbility coordinator said a few words about the goal of the ExchangeAbility project, and also explained the main principle of it. We watched the famous movie: "Me before you". The participants could get an inside view of a man's life, who is completely paralyzed, because of an accident. We could see his pain and his struggle with the everyday life, and with things that we take for granted. There was also another purpose of our movie night: from the ticket price we bought pet food, and the next week we delivered together to the local animal shelter.
How did your event go?: 
It went great.
Number of international students: 
Number of "locals" involved: 
Number of ESNers involved: 
Persons with disabilities joining the event: 
ExchangeAbility in October!  Charity Movie Night
Date of the event: 
Mon, 16/10/2017
Duration of the event: