Aim of the event: 
  • Raise Awareness
  • Make ESN Accessible
Goal of the event: 
If you feel you are not sensitive enough towards people with disabilities or you are curious how different would be your life with a disability this event is for you! ESN ELTE together with the Disability Center of ELTE was organising an activity for the students on the ExchangeAbility Week.
Short description of the event: 
The students created teams including students with any kind of disability, local students, international students and exchange students. The teams were going to work on a script for a 2 minute long spot.
They had to find a way to communicate and come up with a story for the video. The situation was anything regarding the theme how to make the students and the university more sensitive towards people with disabilities. In the end, our section in cooperation with the Disability Center of the university created a short campaign video from their scripts - they had the chance to performe the situation by themselves.
How did your event go?: 
It was cool :)
Name of the partners: 
Disability Center of ELTE
Number of international students: 
Number of "locals" involved: 
Number of ESNers involved: 
Persons with disabilities joining the event: 
How did they contribute to your event?: 
They had an active role during this event. Minimum one person with any kind of disabilities was in each groups and the groups had to work together and find the way to work together and finish the task.
Cover photo of the event
Date of the event: 
Thu, 23/03/2017
Duration of the event: