Aim of the event: 
  • Mapping
Goal of the event: 
The goal of the event was to create awareness about how much a daily activity can change when you have any disability. In this case was focused to the time you need to get from one point to another in the university if you can only use accessible paths
Short description of the event: 
We had a meeting point next to the university in which the activity was going to start. We divided the participants in two groups.
The group one had to get from the meeting point to the class 203 of Language faculty by using ONLY 100% accessible ways.
The other group had to do the same by going normally (the path they would use every day).
After being both groups back in the meeting point, they exchange the roles, being the second group now the one that has to go with the reduced mobility restrictions, and the first one can go normally.
After this, they compared the times, and talked about how much more time they would need to do everything in life.
How did your event go?: 
It went very good. They thought for the first time how much more time you need to do anything in life if you have a disability, just because the paths are not always accessible.
Number of international students: 
Number of "locals" involved: 
Number of ESNers involved: 
Persons with disabilities joining the event: 
Cover image from the event.
Date of the event: 
Tue, 21/03/2017
Duration of the event: