Aim of the event: 
  • Promote mobility
  • Raise Awareness
  • Make ESN Accessible
Goal of the event: 
The goal of the event deals with the demolition of cultural hindrances because of which, in the collective imagination, sport is still considered as an elitarian activity. Sport is for everyone!!!
Short description of the event: 
Esn Bergamo suggests you a last meeting of the Olympics GamESN but this time we want to put ourselves into play with the participation of a special football team: a sporting tournament with the football team Strabalù Olimpia Agnelli - ProgettoSenzAcca (
At the end of the match there will be a buffet offered by Esners and Erasmus to thank the association and to conclude this beautiful championship sweetly.
Each team will be mixed: composed of members of the teams formed in the old matches and 2/3 of the boys belonging to the association "ProgettoSenzAcca".
It's supposed to be a day of celebration among sport, dialogue and debate.
How did your event go?: 
The event was attended by both local and erasmus students. Everyone was left out of the event and message that ESN Bergamo wanted to pass.
Name of the partners: 
team Strabalù Olimpia Agnelli - ProgettoSenzAcca (
Number of international students: 
Number of "locals" involved: 
Number of ESNers involved: 
Persons with disabilities joining the event: 
How did they contribute to your event?: 
Disabled persons are part of the Strabalù soccer team. For the entire duration of the event they contributed to playing soccer. An exciting challenge that has enjoyed them and us.
Date of the event: 
Sat, 20/05/2017
Duration of the event: