Aim of the event: 
  • Raise Awareness
Goal of the event: 
The goal of this event was to teach to the ESN members words and expressions in sign language. Sensitize our network about people with this disability and how to interact with them, like helping them with directions our even have a normal talk through sign language. Also learn how the people with this disability live in their day life.
Short description of the event: 
This event was held on the XLIII National Platform Covilhã for the ESN members present. This event consisted of learning sign language with a collaboration of three members of a deaf association, which one of them was a translator and the two others with a deaf disability. During this activity, participants were approached for issues such as, behavior and methods of interacting with a person with this disability, giving to the participants some basics knowledge of sign language and some practical methods to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situations when their facing a person with this kind of disability. As a support for learning sign language, the participants receive a sign language alphabet, so they could search for the words to communicate with the deaf people.
How did your event go?: 
The activity was very well received by the present members as well as the members of the association. It is also worth mentioning that the participating members were very active, demonstrating interest in learning a sign language and also to understand the day-to-day of these people. In general the activity was successful and also aroused the participants' interest in learning sign language.
Name of the partners: 
ESN Portugal and Guarda's Deaf Association - O Despertar do Silencio
Number of international students: 
Number of "locals" involved: 
Number of ESNers involved: 
Persons with disabilities joining the event: 
How did they contribute to your event?: 
These deaf people gave a description of their day to day life, answered various questions posed by participants, like how could they do some task in their day life giving their disability. In addition to the help of one of a present-day sign translator, participants communicated to the dumb people through basic gestures taught by the same dumb people.
Date of the event: 
Sat, 25/03/2017
Duration of the event: