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No Word
There is some shit of papers. On those papers were written some verbs, names, feelings, some movies and more. Some one from the group start. Pick a shit of paper and put it down.
Boccia with ASPACE
We have gone to see ASPACE users playing boccia. They are people with cerebral palsy.
Linguistic exchange in the darkness
We organized the event in collaboration with the International Office because every Wednesday they have linguistic exchanges on a bar. This time, we joined them and take our Erasmus students as well.
Firstly, in order to do activity we talked to gastronomy department of our school and we asked about their schedule. Then we went to gastronomy kitchen and entered empty class.
It's the ExchangeAbility week and ESN Uludag carries on its events.Play like Paralympic Table Tennis players
We, as ESN Uludag , in fact we sort of wanted to play like Paralympic Table Tennis players.
Visiting Down Cafe
We visited the Down Cafe in Mecidiyeköy. We spent time with the people with Down Syndrome. We had a talk with them and it was really enjoyable. We visited the Down Cafe in Mecidiyeköy.
Spread The Word
We had some stickers that included some short texts about disabled people. We aimed to raise awareness for disabled people in the environment.
Brochure Distribution Event
We distribute some brochures about our events that we would do at the exchange ability week. The brochures have an activity calendar. The calendar has event places, hours and days.
Sign Language (We are the Champions)

Sign Language with a song by Queen
ESN Gazi Video Recording For The Hearing Impaired
For this event we went to our main campus to film a video for the Hearing Impaired. We made the video to learn and to try to communicate with the Hearing Impaired.