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Esn SAMSUN - Brochure Distribution
We prepared brochures and distributed them to students. We wrote a letter about be more responsible. We prefer made the letter in English and Turkish languages.
Esn SAMSUN - Sightless Guess Challenge
We, as ESN SAMSUN met in our office. Then we just took an item to close our eyes like a scarf and we were trying to not see anything.
Izmır March sign language video from ESN Ege
You can communicate easily with other even if they speak another language. What about the people who cannot communicate with voice?
ESN Gazi Down Cafe Visit
For this event, we as ESN Gazi went to a Down Cafe with our exchange students.
Dinner in the dark event of ESN Ege
All students will close their eyes with a sleep mask or a small scarf. Then, they will try to eat their dinner.

Here some facts about blind handicapped people;
Down Cafe Visiting of ESN Ege
It is the first Exchange Ability event of ESN Ege. We visited Down Cafe and gave our best to support the staff. First of all, we met them in the cafe and after that, we talked altogether.
ESN Gazi Draw in the Dark
We went to a cafe which works with disabled people to raise awareness. We went there and did an event called Draw in the Dark. In this event we blindfolded ourselves and tried to draw some pictures.
Challenge Your Senses
The Sixth Day of ExchangeAbility Week!

Challenge Your Senses
To understand hearing-impaired people. We sang songs with sign language, and we are going to donate chess sets for them
we interviewed a hearing impaired elementary school at the beginning of the year, before starting the project. they said havent got chess at the students school .
ESNGazi Breakfast in the Dark
We went to a cafe which works with people who are disabled. We did blindfold ourselves and had breakfast without taking the blindfolds off.