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When we realized that there is a café which has speech and hearing-impaired employees, we desired to go there in order to donate small amount of money for these people by buying coffee and to raise aw
Sign language cafe was an event by ESN Tallinn to give the students opportunity to learn a sign language.
The event took place on friday 24th at 19:00 at a student cafe. In the beginning of the event our teachers did give us a card with all the letters in estonian sign langauge.
'Dinner in the dark' is organised by ExchangeAbility which is one of ESN projects.
It was based on six tests:
Test 1. Sign Language. It prints an LSE alphabet and they make their name once memorized, and the coordinator checks that they do it well.
Our esner volunteers prepared the paints, brushes and tshirts before we go to DownCafe. So many of erasmus students joined us, so we were a big crowded group.
We predisposed the place where we were gonna conduct our activity. We drew with our blind friends.Our friends who are blind wanted us to draw what they were imagining..
ESN Bogazici Dialogue in the Dark
For this experience, we went to a specially constructed place called Dialogue in the Dark which consists of many rooms in complete darkness and has various environments that one can be in, in their da
Knowing Equine Therapy
We visited a foundation which carries out equine therapy with disabled people. That day apart from having some hours therapies, it had a visit of 20 children. So, we could do many things.
Blind Dinner with ESN Sarajevo
On March 23rd, 2017, Erasmus Student Network Sarajevo marked one of ESN's International long-term projects called ExchangeAbility.
EiS + EA
We prepared a gymkhana composed by 5 games. In each game, children should pass different tasks.