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ExchangeAbility - Because mobility is for everyone!
While on the 9th National Platform of ESN Croatia, ESN Split members decided to promote mobility between the other participants of National Platform.
Dinner in the dark by ESN Split
ESN Split applied for a grant and one of the events that were included in project was Dinner in the dark since it was not well known in our city.
Associations Fair
The event was held in Mérida, other of the cities which is a university campus of the University of Extremadura.
Dinner in the Dark - let's the eat mean with close eyes!
The event was organised in Dormitory Canteen. Because of the huge amount of participated students, they were divided into two groups- each group of 2 people.
People with physical disability learning english with ESN and Erasmus
During the Exchange Ability Week ESN Siena GES organized a special event dedicated to the student with physical disabilities of the University of Siena. "Ciao!
Exchange Ability
We were all be blind for a few minutes and through our hands, ears, tongues and noses
We played and tryied to recognize what was in front of us!!
That's not everything!
The movie that we saw ('Black 2005') is the perfect movie for the EA project because it is about Michelle: a girl that can neither see nor hear, and her dream to study at the University (and
Walk in Dark
We prepared for them trip around campus but blindfolded with help of white cane to show them how hard it is for blind people. During trip they had challenges like recognizing or eating.
SZIE Mapping team
On the first ExchangeAbility Week ever, we wanted to map the universities of Budapest.
Sign Language Course participants with their teachers
Have you ever heard about a SIGN LANGUAGE?