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Silence Discussion
As ESN Bogazici, we would like to open a window to a world of alternative communication in which we are going to try and communicate in a variety of non-spoken languages.
ESN Nisantasi we carried out a project which is called 'sitting volleyball without seeing ' in ExchangeAbility Week.Our board members met with who are student at Nisantasi University.
Blind dinner
We served different textured dishes to the international students that previously were blindfolded. All of them were sited next to someone they didn’t know having the chance to meet new people.
Inclusive Sports
Within EA Week, we organised another Exchange Ability event called 'Inclusive Sports'.
ESN UCLM, delegation of Toledo made a activity with APACE and people with "brain damage"
After our meeting point with the Erasmus, we went all together to the center of the association of APACE, just in the city of Toledo, where we made some activities with them.
Sign Language workshop
A Sign language teacher gave us a little introduction about alphabet, common sentences and questions.
Painting Without Using Hands-- So many people wo have physical disabilities study to live in the world. We wanted to raise awareness for people who not have legs.
Gel Kardeşim (Sign Language) : So many people who have speech disabilities live in the world. They use sign language to get along with other people.
The participants were delivered a tag with a number at first; then, they were blindfolded and carried to a table where they had some time to know something about their interlocutor using Italian, Engl
Eyemasks at school
We did it in two different classes of 30 students (from 3 to 6 years old). This event has been organized in collaboration with Erasmus in School.