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Sitting Volleyball by ESN Cag
As ESN Cag we carried out a project which is called 'sitting volleyball' in ExchangeAbility Week.Our board members met with who are student at Cag University High School.
This was an event for the Erasmus week that was being organized by the International Office. The EA team decided to join them so that to encourage people with disabilities to go on Erasmus.
Dinner in the Dark by ESN Cag
ESN Cag-Eat in the darkness. We came together for lunch and even only for one lunch we wanted to understand how they feel.
Mannequin Challenge
We have recorder the famous Mannequin Challenge for a minute. We all had to represent different positions for a minute.
Basketball match in wheelchairs
We organized the match in collaboration with the Extremeña Basketball Federation in wheelchairs.
Cena al buio Salerno
The participant joined a blind dinner. The participant prefilled a form with their allergies or feed restrictions, about which the restaurant were then informed.
Paralympic Sports-Goalball by ESN Ioannina
In this activity, we formed teams and we played the paralympic sport called goalball. We had fun but we also learned a valuable lesson.
Smelling and tasting
First, we prepared the ingredients to smell and taste: all kind of different infussions and teas (chamomile tea, penny royal tea, etc.), different sweets of all flavours, shapes and textures (marshmal
Linguistic exchange in the darkness
We organized the event in collaboration with the International Office because every Wednesday they have linguistic exchanges on a bar.
Watching a short film with Aspace
With the help of coordinators from the association, we organized a film event. They showed us the short film they have recently record themselves.