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Café Lingua in the Dark
The whole idea of the event was based on connecting regular Café Lingua with the issues dealt with by our ExchangeAbility programme. The reason for it is obvious.
Lunch in the Dark - ESN Usti
We gave the students forms in which they wrote their names and a meal they wanted, because we had to do the order before this event, after it we went to this local restaurant, where everyone get their
Dinner in the Dark
We had a dinner during which we blindfolded ourselves and couldn't see anything. We tried to understand the difficulties of being blind.
Wheelchair basketball game.
We picked up a group of erasmus to take them to a wheelchair basketball game, so we had to take the various means of transport to the sports center Juan de la Cierva in Getafe, we were waiting for a g
Passage of pedestrians only with the sense of the ear.
Do you ever wondered what it would be like living without being able to see what surrounds you? What if was in the heights?
Meeting in the Darkness
First we met on the students clubs union then made people tie their eyes. After that, everyone had one person next to them. Then they started to talk with each other and have a conversation.
One of the promotion materials
We start our event by talking about the aim of the event, and tell the situation of disabled people in Turkey.
We participated in the event as a total of 5 people included two of visually impaired. Our activity went by doing various of activities and conversing with them.
"We had prepared an outdoor activity with the young people of the association but the day woke up rainy so we opted to make a cultural exchange with the erasmus and the guys from the association.
it was in high spirits.Everybody joined voluntary and they noticed the difficulties to live without the ability to see at the end ıf one hour.