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Dialogue in the Dark is a totally dark atmosphere ,created by the visually impaired guides to experience different layers of life, that provide people with thinking on issues such as communiciation, l
Many institutions in Turkey are assisting visually challenged people. We have initiated with the explaining them that we can teach them how to ride a bike.
We went to Getafe to see the basketball game taking advantage of it was the international day of disability Erasmus enjoyed the game and then could take photos and ask things to the players.
 Carrera Solidaria con Alter Valencia
We knew that the foundation was organizing a solidari ty race (to collect funds for the persons with intellectual and functional disability).
"In our office the Erasmus who have come this week to sign up for our activities have been told that this week was the week of internationally EA and that it consists a little and we encouraged t

"Before entering the restaurant we put the masks on the Erasmus so that they did not see what the place was like and put themselves in the paper from before entering, during the dinner we
"With eye mask placed in pairs facing each other and have 5 minutes to talk about what they want and to know each other, each person will have a number and they will rotate all the couples having
Actividad de Ocio y Tiempo Libre con Asindown
The activy consisted on Erasmus students spending an evening enjoying leisure with around boys and girls with Down syndrome to interact with them so they could get to know each other, to ruminate prej
Photo of the Erasmus students, locals, ESNers, and people with Down Syndrome all together
Down Cafe is a cafe that people with Down Syndrome or autism work in and earn their lives.
We attended the event as 5 people including Erasmus students.