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Dinner in the Dark
During the event, we experience eating without the ability of sight as we blended our eyes. As ESN Nisantası, we aimed to build emphaty for visually impaired people and social issues they face.
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Our next event organized during the ExchangeAbility Week, ►Ambassadors for Accessibility◄, consists of an informative session regarding the various individuals and different groups of people that part
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Our ExchangeAbility Week begins with a visit to Școala Gimnazială Specială pentru Deficienți de Vedere București (Elementary School for visually impaired children).
Exchangeability Week 2016
It was already the second time that we organised a Dinner in the Dark so we already knew more or less what to do.
We tied our eyes and ate
Lunch in the Dark: Exchange students "lost their sense of vision" at the entrance to our restaurant. We tied our eyes with black fabrics. We tried to figure out what's around us.
Making Advent Wreath
Together with people from disability center Klaipedos Lakstute, we were making an Advent Wreath. Disabled people really enjoyed making it almost on their own.
Silent Discussion
We gathered with our Erasmus students around a big peace of paper to discuss about 2 topics in a written form, where the only rule was to not speak and just write.
blind speed date