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Fika In The Dark
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Here we are with another project which is called "Sitting Volleyball".
As ESN Canakkale, we focus on the people who have physical disabilities.
Lip Sync Battle ESN VUB EhB Brussels
Lip Sync Battle is when different people performing on stage, presenting a song, but without actually singing - it is played behind.
Photo of Autism Sevilla
It consisted of a talk about the TEA; Visit to the facilities of UED El Pino, guided by users of the Service Integrated Units in the Community; Interview with users of the Employment platform, simulat
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Jenga: We wrote a movie name on every piece of Jenga. We divided individuals into groups of two. A person has film and he/she told his/her friend like a silent movie theater.
Dinner in the dark ESN Tallinn 29.11.16
The students were met by our voluteer and brought to the cafe. We had the whole floor to ourselves and a nice romantic setting with dimmed lights.
Gymkhana of Senses
The volunteers made a brainstorming to know where to carry out the activity, choosing the Faculty of CC Social and Communication, and the activities that could be carried out in Gymkhana and those tha
ESN UCLM, delegation of Cuence made a blind tandem
We spoke with a bar, which is one our partner to do this event and they accepted inmediately.
ESN UCLM, delegation of Albacete made a wheelchair basketball exhibition and match.
First some professional players of the AMIAB CRMF basketball school of Albacete have made a kind of exhibition of wheelchair basketball and after that they have showed us how to use the wheelchair and