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movie night esn-eye exchangeability
Event consisted of two parts. First we told our international students about the goals of ExchangeAbility week and we shortly described them goals and fundamentals of ExchangeAbility project.
We put a post in our Erasmus group asking for some volunteers and like that we had our participants.
Inclusive championship - Albacete
A professional trainer give us a little explanation about this type of adapted sports and all the material needed because it was something that we don’t know at all.
Blind dinner test - Toledo
We meet the Erasmus students in a restaurant in the city center to enjoy a different activity that night. During two hours, we made different food’s tests.
Senses gymkhana - Delegation of Cuenca
We meet the Erasmus students in the university to enjoy a different activity.
Senses gymkhana in C.Real
The ESN’s coordinators prepare everything in avance and we meet the Erasmus students in a great park which is very closed to the university to spend a different evening all together.
Charla Fonce
A general presentation of ESN and the project “ExchangeAbility” was made as an introduction.
Each day of the week, one or two photos of the coordinators of ESN Sevilla have taken place, making a self-study with different areas adapted from the university (computers, restrooms) and the city an
ExchangeAbility Speedfriending
During this event, students could experience how to create friendships with a disability.
Dinner In The Dark event picture
We visited the Invisible Exhibition in Budapest and after that had dinner in complete darkness.