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Wear Your Socks Strike a Pose - #321challenge
On the World Down Syndrome Day, we wanted to raise awareness on the subject.
Date in the Dark by ESN in Athens
The idea was to make both erasmus people and esners put on scarves, that prevented them from seeing anything.
EA Movie Night
The main goal of the event was to raise awareness and bring empathy among students without any disability.
Lunch in the Dark
First we went in and ask the employees what do they do when a blind person comes, and we wanted them to behave us just like that.
ExchangeAbility 101: If you would be a disabled person
We started the event with the introduction of ESN to give a perspective about our potential and what we do, after that we also give little explanations about our all projects.
Firstly we met and determined awareness raising.And we took a short film about empathize with disabled people.When a blind or deaf person watch a movie in the cinema what are they feeling?
Write without Hands
At this event, we impressed by the book which is "My Left Foot".
Group picture at the end of the whole event
We planned different activities for the students of the school. Each activity was explained in English and guided by an ESNer. This time we had a group of 8 students and also 8 Erasmus students.
Paper Man
We made an workshop to strengthen our empathy skills.
Let's make the world a better place!
Here is the video of our last event from the Exchange Ability Week.