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Hello erasmus people,  Get ready for our SECOND ACTION for the ExchangeAblity Week "Bottle Caps Collection" on 22/3!
1 ton of plastic bottle caps = 1 wheelchair

Collect plastic caps from bottles (with water or any other drink) and help to buy a wheelchair!
Hello erasmus people, our ExchangeAbility Week Spring'17 closes with our third action and the most important!  So, get ready wit
We organised an event with two paralympic games, sitting voleyball and goalball in the univercity gym!We prepared the field for the games and we started playing!
We first booked a space in a youth club where the dinner would take place.
"The activity was held during the linguistic Tandem that the four sections of Barcelona organise once per week.
Within the scope of ExchangeAbility Week, we visited Down Café as ESN Yasar on March 21, which is the World Down Syndrome Awaren
As ExchangeAbility committe, we visited our friends in Down Cafe. This place is very close to our university. Our friends with down syndrome who work there are love us very much.
Sign language
On March 20th – 27th we celebrate ExchangeAbility week.
Diversity open day
A private school organized an open day with same diversity seasson. In that day, the school gave us the opportunity to have a stand with the information of our project.
ExchangeAbility Stand
A private school organized an open day with the topic of diversity seasson. We had already made an EiS activity in that school, so they knew ExchangeAbility project.
During one evening Erasmus students rediscovered their senses.
We divided Erasmus people into 5 groups as we prepared 5 stations- one for every sense.
ESN Anadolu Blindfolded Lunch 25 March,17
The event started on 25th of Maarch, at 17:30 on Saturday afternoon at a small cafe called Getik. We organized the tables and ordered a simple menu consisting of chicken, salad and fries.