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cerebral palsy
In the beginning of the ExchangeAbility Week we searched for some creative projects and decided to raise awareness about not-so-heard diseases and diabilities.
First of all, we went to down cafe and we were welcomed very well. They were very friendly and talkative people from my point of view.
movie night
Firstly, we watched the movie "King's Speech" which was about the King George VI, who was a stutter.
Movie & Game Day by ESN Bahcesehir
We met in our university to watch a movie. It was "the Diving Bell and the Butterfly" by Julian Schnabel and it won awards including at the Cannes Film Festival.
Exchange Sign Language by ESN Bahcesehir
There is a cafe called Dem Good Coffee which is founded by Hearing Impaired People Association. This place is located in Besiktas, Istanbul and also the baristas are mostly hearing impaired people.
Dialogue in the Dark by ESN Bahcesehir
Dialogue in the Dark is an exhibition designed to make people understand visually impaired people's challenges in daily life.
Language Farm
Language farm is our traditional event, but this time besides Deutch, Spanish, Italian,Latvian we wanted to include also sign language.
visit of the Latvian Society of the Blind
First project manager of the center showed us presentation with history of center and the mains aims of it.
Blind dinner
The international students had to have dinner wearing a mask so that they could not see the food in front of them.