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Sitting Volleyball
As our third event, we played volleyball while sitting to understand the difficulties which disabled people face during sportive activities. So, in this purpose we had done this activity.
Talking Books
Our second event of the Exchange Ability Week is called "Talking Books for Blind and Visually Impaired People".
Sign Language Class
We made a sign language class for the first event of exchange ability week as ESN Okan. This event was for understanding and communicate with hearing impaired persons.
Our first event of the EA Week is called "Dialogue in the Dark". To feel empathy with visually impaired people and to create awareness about them, we kept our eyes tied during the activity.
Image of the event
Exposition visit with Aviva
We met with some people from Aviva Salamanca, an organization that works with people with disabilities, and we went together, the Erasmus and they, to visit an exposition about Illusionism done by La
Spring party
We were working all the ExchangeAbility week with an organization that works with disabilities people and on Saturday they invited us to join to their Spring Party, in which we were playing funny game
Picture of the Mascot of ESN Graz at the Pub Quiz
We met up with exchange students at our regular pub, which hosts a quiz every week.
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We had a meeting point next to the university in which the activity was going to start. We divided the participants in two groups.
The picture shows ESN members together with Down Syndrome Association emplpyees - special educators and people with DS.
We had a workshop with people with Down Syndrome - it is a part of their every day life to create decorations and draw using fine motoric skills.